Sankofa Legacy: photoshoot BTS

6 AM. 54 degrees. Sunrise, Florida. 5 models. 1 photographer. 1 three year old boy. 1 supportive mother. Prayer. Magic.

We were late. Some of the models were lost. We had the studio booked for 2 hours, no more. 15 looks. Hair. Wrinkled clothes. It was now 6:33 AM.

My photographer, Prince Aderele, told me, "make sure they understand your brand. The models must embody the essence of Sankofa Legacy." I heard him but at 6:42 AM I understood. As he began to shoot the models I saw the life of the clothing.

I knew the story that was being told. It spoke of modernity flavored with culture. It looked like today, beaded with the years that came before.

Sankofa Legacy is about the person who values looking their best and being seen beyond the tailoring and fit of their clothes. As each model stepped on set to shoot I could see a piece of their story. It screamed the history shaped by culture and echoed the future draped in legacy.





Find them on IG!

Models: @adoch @1coollana @jazzmynrain @onetalllady

Photographer: @iamprinceaderele

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